Trails and Wetland Observation Points

Garzón Sculpture Park is located in the “Southern Campos” of Uruguay, which are part of the Pampas biome found in south-eastern South America. This region harbours a rich blend of wildlife that includes species from temperate and subtropical areas.

Within the Park, three main habitats are found: grasslands, forests and wetlands. Globally, these ecosystems provide critical services such as soil conservation, water purification and climate regulation. In addition, they offer products (food, medicines, timber, forage, etc.) that are key for human well-being.


The Park has a series of trails and observation points that enable visitors to learn about these environments and their characteristic species. During walks it is important not to wander off the limits of the marked paths and to take into account the following considerations:

A) Do not disturb wild animals (keep safe distance) and do not take flowers or plants (the Park works as a nature reserve).

B) Wear appropriate footware (avoid flip flops, sandals. etc.). As in the rest of the country there are poisonous snakes in the area and, although the chances of coming across one are slim, it is always better to take wise precautions, if your are bitten by a snake call 1722 (CIAT, open 24/7).

C) Trails are located in open areas so using sunscreen and carrying water is emphatically advised

D) Please dispose of trash properly, not on trails.

E) The trails have been created for the benefit of visitors.
The Park will not be responsible for any type of accident during walks.