Art Residency Program

Garzón Sculpture Park will invite artists to participate in the residency program, which runs throughout the year. The work created during the residencies will contribute to the yearly exhibition.



Both local and international artists will be given access to the region’s cultural and environmental life. Artists, in return, bring their vision and voice into the area through their work and their presence.

The program has no predilection for a specific type of work but encourage a creative process that takes into consideration both art and nature in a relevant way.


Principal Residence: a two-bedroom house.
Sculpture workshop adjoining the principal residence.
Galpón Studio: an independent studio that can also work as a screening room.

parallax background


Garzón provides artists housing, studio and the possibility to work in the landscape. Managerial and curatorial staff can assist artists to fulfill their residency objectives.

Past Artist in residency

Humberto Cazorla
Diego Santurio
Tulio Pinto
Artur Lescher
Raffaele Rossi
Verónica Vázquez

Current Artists in Residency

Elba Bairon (Bolivia / Argentina)
Moataz Nasr (Egypt)
Eduardo Basualdo (Argentina)