About Us

Pablo Atchugarry Foundation relates art and nature profoundly in this specific project. Garzón Sculpture Park and its Art Residency Program allow artists to get involved with nature while nature points them the path of respect, love and conservation.


Garzón Sculpture Park:

  • One exhibition a year
  • Permanent collection
  • Art residency
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • Art Gallery : Piero Atchugarry Art Gallery
  • 15.000 native trees and shrubs

Our Team

Founder Pablo Atchugarry Foundation
Director Lorena Guillén Vaschetti
Nature Program Biologist and ornithologist: PhD Adrián Azpiroz
Children and Education Program Dialogue Partner Wanås Konst, Sweden
Art Gallery Piero Atchugarry Gallery

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Embedded in the growing and ever changing landscape, Garzón Sculpture Park gives the possibility for artists to produce and share their work and vision in nature to an heterogeneous audience, contributing to the creation of a Latin American new cultural reference.


To relate nature and art in a specific project, where artists get involved with nature, and nature points to them the path to respect, conservation and love.
Everyone, regardless of background or knowledge, should have access to the experience of a sculpture park in a constantly changing and growing nature, at no cost.